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Instead of ranting about this in my regular journal I figured I'd put it in here.

I don't know why I made a community about band, I'm really not that into it anymore and now when I really think about it except for the people in band and being leadership, the last two years kinda sucked ass...

things that sucked ass
1) no disneyland, WTF is that all about, we have a killer tradiditon that is easy to do an pretty cheap to do, and I'm tired of hearing all that bullshit about "it didn't get planned in time" OMG Oh Em Gee! well while they were planning Hawaii, the cruse, and some other bullshit trip I cant think of they wernt planning to go to disneyland. FUCK

2)what the hell is Band camp in the mountains. for "bonding"? I bonded pretty well back in Tucson, I got to sleep in my own bed, and saved myself an assload of money. Come to think about it we didnt even have drill at band camp when we went to the mountains, we just marched in the same patteren over and over.

3)"new age bullshit" disapline, I remember the time when if you fucked up on the field you got smacked upside the head and had to do 20 pushups. now its like all those "don't spank you chilren" activists have made it into the band. now you have to use "positive reinforcement". all that does is let them know that if they do something wrong they wont get punished. whats really effevtive, a bullhorn in your face and a hand upside your head.

4)I never understood why we did so much finraising when there was no goal, I had like 600 bucks in my account and it was all because I had been saving up for 2 end of the year trips which never came... hmm... ass... then I was jsut going to lose it all but I managed somehow to get him to let me use it to buy insturmant accesssories... which by the way I just turned around and sold on ebay. What the hell am I supposed to do with 500 watt a power mixer!? I don't even have a band.
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